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Case Study: FlexFuel HY-Carbon

FlexFuel Energy Development UK (FFED UK) announces that Offmore Road Garage – an automotive repair centre in Kidderminster, is the latest garage to offer HY-Carbon engine cleaning to its customers.

In under one month, Offmore Road Garage has treated in excess of 30 of its regular customers vehicles with HY-Carbon and increased its turnover over previous months by at least 10 per cent.  The garage is selling the HY-Carbon preventative treatment as part of its wider servicing offer.  Customers are publicly acknowledging the difference the treatment has made in terms of engine responsiveness, quieter engines and significantly improved fuel economy.

One customer, David Hill comments: “I drive my Audi A5 diesel on a regular round trip to Liverpool – about 212 miles. My economy was around 53-54 mpg. Offmore Road Garage suggested a HY-Carbon treatment given the age of my vehicle and it having done 140,000 miles. Following the HY-Carbon treatment, on the same round journey to Liverpool I returned with figures of 63mpg – an 8.5% improvement. Genuinely, I was surprised at the improvement not only to my fuel economy, but the engine feels more responsive and is less noisy. I highly recommend HY-Carbon.”

Neil Chapman, Offmore Road Garage owner comments: “I was initially sceptical about hydrogen cleaning. I run a works van, its well maintained, regularly serviced and I have recently replaced clutch and flywheel, turbo and egr.  I wanted a demonstration on a vehicle that I knew was well maintained and almost wanted HY-carbon to fail because I didn’t think there was room for improvement.  Following the 60-minute treatment, I drove the vehicle and was gob smacked at the noticeable difference the treatment had made – smoother, quieter and more responsive.  I ordered the HY-carbon unit there and then.”

FFED-UK is providing Offmore Road Garage with vehicle signage, banners, technical data sheets to help explain what HY-Carbon is and to market the solution to its customers.  The HY-carbon solution is also being used at a curative level with similar strong results.

Neil continues: “We have also used HY-Carbon’s curative treatment on BMWs, Audis, Mercedes and all customers are reporting improvements to their vehicles. One vehicle, a 15-year-old Citroen Saxo with 150k miles on the clock had failed its MOT on emissions. Pre-treatment, the Fast-Idle Test returned a CO actual value reading of 11.244 – which would invariably mean a new catalytic converter. We ran the HY-Carbon treatment and were blown away by the emissions reading post treatment, returning an actual value of 0.014 CO.  HY-Carbon is adding a noticeable increase to my turnover already – it is a machine that keeps on giving.”