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Auto Repair Focus is more than just a website, as I hope you’ve noticed by now! In addition to news and features online, we also have the Insight, a fortnightly digest of the latest going ons in the aftermarket direct to your inbox – free of charge.

The Insight delivers news, features, video content and product stories, plus any upcoming training courses and events from our online portal. It doesn’t require any more than you just filing in the form below, and then sitting back and waiting for the first copy to be delivered. If you want to be kept up-to-date without the need to constantly check online then the Insight is for you. Plus, it contains a link to our podcast, The Tune Up, which features a discussion on the latest automotive industry topics.

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You can also view the latest issue of Insight here – to see just what you’ll be getting fortnightly. Don’t forget, the newsletter will grow as time goes on. Any we won’t be publishing it online forever!

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