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A fluid exchange for transmissions with Launch

Launch UK is reminding technicians of the importance of carrying out regular fluid and filter changes at 75,000 miles, or 50,000 miles for vehicles used in arduous conditions.

The only practical way to carry out this service and ensure a 99% fluid exchange is by using dedicated equipment such as Launch UK’s CAT501S, a fully featured automatic transmission cleaner and fluid exchanger that provides a simple, hassle-free solution to changing transmission fluid. 

The CAT501S has all the features necessary to ensure a fast and trouble-free fluid exchange, by restoring transmission function to the original smooth operation, while protecting the transmission from early and expensive failure.

The service requires no specialist transmission skills or knowledge and can be completed in around 20 minutes, providing aftermarket customers with a lucrative sales opportunity.

The CAT 501S comes with a straightforward menu driven interface and a full set of adapters, allowing connection to virtually all transmission types. Customers can also further benefit from Launch UK’s full back-up and technical support and user training as well as aftersales assistance from its technical experts.