About us

By coming to this page you obviously want to know what’s going on here. So let me oblige by introducing you to the UK’s newest website dedicated to the automotive aftermarket and telling you a bit about what we are.

The media is increasingly shifting its dynamic from print to online, While there will always be a place for magazines, the fast paced automotive world is continuously evolving, and information is flowing around all the time. The internet is the best place to see the latest stories, features and technical articles and that is why we’ve created Auto Repair Focus.

Some websites simply regurgitate information from their printed issues. Some simply report on news, or copy and paste a press release. We like to do things differently. We ask the question ‘what does this story mean to the aftermarket?’ and try our best to bring you the answer, through written, podcast and video platforms – yes, we are a 21st century publication! We can also get you involved more, with the submission of technical pieces, news stories, thoughts, discussions and blogs. This is for the industry, servicing groups, factors, technicians and workshop owners alike.

You can get involved. Have a race car you want featured, get in touch. Want your garage covered, give us a call. Have a feature to suggest… you get the idea.

Auto Repair Focus uses the expertise of Phil Curry, a journalist and Editor with 17 years automotive writing experience, including three years as Editor of one of the UK’s largest aftermarket magazines. With a passion for the industry, Phil will work for the market, bringing you everything that you need to know, whether it be to help your garage, understand new concepts or simply read something fun, thought-provoking or that sparks your passion as a petrolhead.

Auto Repair Focus was the first aftermarket title to launch a podcast, while our YouTube channel is constantly growing – so do not forget to subscribe to each on the handy links underlined just there. You can also sign up for the Insight, a weekly newsletter featuring exclusive news, features and videos. It’s free to sign up, so why not click here and give it a go!

Welcome to Auto Repair Focus, your online aftermarket magazine.