Automotive Training Academy from Maverick Diagnostics launches online programme

Staying ahead of technology changes in the automotive industry is essential as vehicles continue to develop. To ensure technicians can do so easily and quickly, Maverick Diagnostics has launched the Automotive Training Academy online training platform. 

The online programme is strategically designed to cater to the educational needs of automotive technicians in this dynamic age of change. Encompassing a comprehensive array of 32 in-depth topics within the scope of mechanics, electricity and electronics, engine management, air conditioning, diagnostics, hybrid and electric technology, the platform goes beyond conventional mechanics and delves deep to help provide an understanding of the industry landscape.

Why opt for Automotive Training Academy’s online platform?

Technicians require an educational solution that keeps them at the forefront of innovation. Maverick Diagnostics, via Automotive Training Academy, addresses this need with an array of features, including:

  • Comprehensive curriculum: The Automotive Training Academy platform boasts meticulously designed modules, curated to cover every facet of modern automotive technology, from foundational principles to futuristic concepts.
  • Immersive learning: A highly interactive learning environment, the platform ensures that technicians are engaged throughout their journey.
  • Timely updates: The Automotive Training Academy platform is regularly updated to incorporate the latest trends, techniques, and tools, ensuring technicians are equipped with the most current knowledge.
  • Flexible learning: Recognising the busy schedules of technicians, the portal offers flexibility, allowing learners to progress at their own pace, revisit topics whenever needed, and access the platform from any device.
  • Affordable access: With an emphasis on accessibility, the 12-month subscription is priced at £199, granting technicians unlimited access to all modules. This encourages continuous learning and thorough revision.

“At Maverick Diagnostics, we believe that empowering technicians with the right knowledge is key to steering the automotive industry into the future,” said Maverick Diagnostics Managing Director, Andy Brooke. “Our online training platform ensures that this knowledge is readily available at the fingertips of every technician, making automotive technology education convenient, comprehensive, and cost-effective.”

Visit the official Maverick Diagnostics Automotive Training Academy website to learn more about the online training platform:

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