Autosupplies Group adds Forté treatment products

The Autosupplies Group has expanded its range of Forté engine and fuel treatment products, now stocking the full portfolio from the additives specialist.

Forté supplies fuel tank and oil system additives plus air conditioning, cooling and transmission treatments, and now motor factor Autosupplies Group will offer trade and retail customers an expanded range of Forté products across its three sites in Barnsley, Chesterfield and Rotherham.

Fuel additives are developed to reduce emissions, improve fuel consumption, and clean up fuel system components. A cleaner fuel system will burn more efficiently, giving more power, and cutting emissions that typically contain unburnt fuel and carbon.

Improved efficiency through Autosupplies Group

“Fuel additives are a great way of combatting the increased costs of running a vehicle in the current economic climate,” commented David Clarke, managing director of the Autosupplies Group. “With fuel prices continuing to stretch drivers’ wallets, it is great to offer Forté’s range of fuel additives to help improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions.”

The Forté range of transmission treatments is designed to enhance the performance of all automatic transmission gearboxes, preventing leaks by maintaining seal conditions and provide smoother operation and gear changing.

Comprising Butlers Automotive, Autosupplies Chesterfield and Leisureways of Rotherham, the Group is one of the largest motor factors across Yorkshire and the East Midlands and provides customers with an on-the-hour, every hour delivery service.

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