What drivers require to recommend a workshop

A new survey commissioned by Castrol has identified that motorists would likely recommend a workshop that explains and seeks approval for any work required before it is undertaken.

The study of 1,000 UK motorists saw 34% agree that garages that contact customers to talk them through their findings and thoughts is most important when they recommend a workshop. Close behind this factor was good value for money, with 33%, and the workshop being in a convenient location, with 31%.

Castrol’s survey also highlights potential concerns about servicing costs and the need for workshops to explain planned work, with 32% saying they would recommend a workshop that ‘only carries out work on my car that is really necessary’.

Customer experience important to recommend a workshop

Workshops that offer a positive customer experience were also more likely to be recommended by consumers. A total of 29% of the respondents would recommend a workshop that ‘explains in full the charges for the work carried out, when I collect the car’, while 25% would recommend a workshop that has ‘friendly staff’. 

The survey also identified factors that have the least impact on motorists’ willingness to recommend a workshop. Only 4% say they would recommend a workshop because it provides free WiFi, and 5% if it offers hot and cold drinks. Workshops concerned about the rising costs of providing courtesy cars for customers will be reassured by the fact that only 6% would recommend a workshop because such vehicles are provided.

“With more consumers looking to reduce their household expenditure in response to the rising cost of living, itis important to encourage motorists to continue with essential service, maintenance, and repair work to ensure the safe and effective operation of their vehicles,” commented Layla Yebaile, Service and Maintenance Marketing Lead at Castrol. “Our survey provides interesting insights into factors that are more likely to drive recommendations that will help to increase workshop bookings, as well as ways to maximise customer retention.” 

A Castrol survey last year found that garages are also missing out on upselling opportunities, with only 40% of motorists saying they are contacted by their workshop between vehicle services. This follow up call would be to discuss work that may need to be carried out before their next scheduled maintenance window. 

This research also identified that workshops could be missing valuable opportunities to up-sell consumables, such as premium-brand options of lubricants, wiper blades, brake pads and discs. A significant 35% of motorists say they are ‘never’ offered a choice of consumables by their workshops when servicing work is being done, and 28% said only ‘sometimes’. Just 19% say they are ‘always’ given a choice of higher-grade products.

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