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Flex Fuel-Energy Development plans major UK expansion


Flex Fuel-Energy Development (FFED) has announced its plans for UK expansion with the introduction of is HY-Carbon engine cleaning technology.

By working with the UK aftermarket space, and initially with independent garage owners, FFED’s technology will provide an additional revenue source for its customers; help providers and drivers meet the strict MoT emission test changes introduced by the UK Government last month; reduce the environmental impact of travel and optimize the performance of vehicles.

FFED uses its HY-Carbon solution – a hydrogen decarbonizing process – to reduce engine emissions and fuel consumption and increase engine performance.  By injecting hydrogen into the intake manifold, carbon deposits are eliminated from key engine components responsible for performance and emissions – the admission valves, the EGR valve, the turbo and the particle filter.  Independent engine tests post cleansing show up to 50% less emissions; the return of engine power and reduced fuel consumption.

Independent market watchers estimate that, in over 75% of cases, carbon deposits are responsible for multiple engine problems; decreased engine performance; increased fuel consumption and MoT test failures.

Sebastien Le Polles, CEO of FFED comments: “The UK Government recently announced strict changes to MoT testing on emissions.  It stated that if ‘the exhaust on a vehicle fitted with a diesel particulate filter emits visible smoke of any colour’ the car will fail its MoT test.  An engine treated with HY-Carbon eliminates the pollutants responsible for smoke colour altogether.  We are providing consumers and service providers a simple, cost effective solution to not only ensure a vehicle passes the new emissions standard but that engine performance is regained and fuel consumption improves.

“We are very excited by the opening of our UK subsidiary. The UK automotive market represents a big growth opportunity for FFED and we are recruiting rapidly to ensure we can build a comprehensive dealer network for our customers and consumers to offer a non-chemical, safe and cost-effective engine cleaning solution.”

In the last two years, FFED’s distribution network has doubled to include more than 600 centers in France, which places FFED among the French leaders of engine depollution technology.  Certified by the Ministry of Transport in France and the Bureaux Veritas – a global leader in Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC) services – FFED’s technology was developed for the industrial world and is applied in over 200 ships and at large national train operators.