Free clutch installation posters from First Line

First Line is continuing its commitment to share its extensive product knowledge and technical expertise with the aftermarket, launching a new campaign to educate the importance of best practice clutch installation, designed to support independent garages and parts distributors.  

Key aspects will be ‘education’, ‘install with confidence’, ‘identifying clutch failures’, ‘correct alignment’ and ‘promoting choice’.

To support the campaign, the clutch specialist has introduced a detailed, technical poster, outlining best practice and top tips for clutch fitment.

The new poster reminds technicians to follow best practice during clutch replacement. It is a visual guide highlighting key parts of the process that if not followed, could lead to an avoidable warranty claim, which if it is due to an installation error or driver abuse, won’t be covered.

When replacing a clutch it is important to understand why the old clutch has failed, particularly if it has failed prematurely. There could be a number of reasons that can cause premature failure, including poor driving style, towing heavy loads, frequent hill starts or an installation error, that if left unknown, could affect the lifespan of the replacement unit.

Another danger to the clutch systems that the company is urging the aftermarket to consider is over lubrication. 

First Line is committed to providing factors and their workshop customers with as much information as possible, and is giving away these posters free of charge to any factor, workshop or repairer. 

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