How to replace the headlight bulb in a Vauxhall Corsa D

HELLA has released a handy guide on how to replace the halogen bulb in the right-hand low beam front driver’s side of a Vauxhall Corsa-D 2006-2014 application.

While the Corsa D headlight bulb can look tricky to access and replace, this simple-to-follow guide will help you understand and replace any blown or faulty units.

Remove the air intake pipe

Release the fixing clamp from the suction hose.

Release the air filter housing from the holders and then tilt by 90°.

Unlock the locking clamp

Remove the headlamp cover cap

Remove the connector

Remove the Corsa D headlight bulb – technicians should note the locking tabs.

Insert a new bulb suitable for the recess and snap/clip into place.

Attach the connector.

Correctly position the headlamp cover cap and lock the locking clamp.

Reinstall the air filter housing and the suction hose.

Replacing the Corsa D headlight bulb in the left-hand low beam (passenger side):

  • Remove the filler tube container for the windshield washer system.
  • Remove the cover cap from the headlight housing.
  • Unlock the locking clip.
  • Remove the wiring harness connector.
  • Unlock and remove the bulb as for the right-hand side.
  • Insert a new bulb suitable for the recess and clip into place.
  • Reassemble in reverse order.
  • Perform a functional test.
  • Check the headlamp adjustment and correct if necessary. 

HELLA recommends that bulbs are always replaced in pairs, as this creates an upselling opportunity for technicians, as well as ensuring the bulbs are of the same brightness. 

HELLA’s website TechWorld ( is dedicated to assisting technicians with detailedfitment guides.

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