MAGFLEX1000 flexible lighting from Ring Automotive

Automotive accessory specialist, Ring Automotive, has introduced its new MAGFLEX1000 LED strip light to the market.

Unlike standard LED light bars, the MAGFLEX1000 is a flexible light strip that can be bent, twisted and contorted into all kinds of shapes. This makes it incredible versatile for a host of environments. 

It also comes with a stretchable strap with fixing hooks at either end that twist 180-degrees, allowing the lamp to span a wide area, such as under the bonnet, between vehicle doors while carrying out interior work, across the underside of the car, or mounted to the ramp as a site light.

MAGFLEX1000 can also be used as a slim inspection lamp, and a hazard warning light, either attached to a vehicle or worn on the body. The flexibility also allows technicians to get a more focused light in even the tightest of spaces.

Settings and versatility for MAGFLEX1000

The new light has four light settings, which changes how long it can be used before needing a charge. For instance, on the low light setting (400 lumens), it can last for 20 hours. On the middle setting, it will give light for six and a half hours, while on the highest light output, which is 1,000 lumens, it will last for three hours. The fourth light setting is a red-light option. Once the lamp’s battery has gone flat, it will just take seven hours for a full charge.

“There is nothing like this on the market, which makes it even more exciting to introduce the MAGFLEX1000, and it is not just restricted to automotive technicians, as this application can work for a multitude of industries – plumbing, construction, electricians, the possibilities are endless,” Henry Bisson, marketing director for Ring, enthused.

“We regularly take our new products to technicians to test, and we also get marketing images and the feedback we have already had from technicians has been overwhelmingly positive. The flexibility of the lamp means that professionals do not have to keep changing the light source they have but can instead adapt the MAGFLEX1000 to suit their needs, saving them precious time when working on jobs.”

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