More drivers would choose EV tyres for their vehicles

Drivers of electric vehicles (EVs) would prefer to purchase EV tyres should their rubber need replacing, highlighting increased awareness of the need for specific products for the vehicle type.

A survey commissioned by Apollo Tyres found that of 6,000 European motorists, 75% of EV drivers would prefer EV tyres, compared to just 4% who said they would be unlikely to fit the specialist rubber. 

EVs are heavier than their internal-combustion-engine counterparts, due to the weight of the batteries used to store electrical energy. This added weight puts more pressure on tyres, increasing the wear rate. EV tyres have been specifically designed to be able to cope with this increase, making them the best option for drivers of electric vehicles, lest they want to replace their tyres more often.

EV tyres needed for Euro 7

There is another issue with EVs when it comes to non-specific tyres. The increased wear can result in more particulate matter emissions. As tyres wear, small pieces of rubber can detach and enter the water table, as they are washed by rain into drainage systems. The new Euro 7 rules, currently being debated in Europe, include specific regulations for EV particulate matter, including discharge from brakes and tyres.

However, car manufacturers are unable to regulate what tyres purchasers of their vehicles will fit to their cars when the originals wear out. While many EVs will now be sold with EV tyres, it is up to garages to highlight the benefits of continued use, rather than switching to a ‘budget’ all-round option.

The Apollo Tyres survey also found that younger EV drivers are the group most likely to purchase a specialist replacement tyre. The majority (81%) of those aged 25 to 34 say they are either ‘very likely’ or ‘somewhat likely’ to purchase an EV tyre specifically designed for EVs, compared to 61% of those aged 45 to 54.

When replacing the tyres for an EV, men are most likely to select a specific EV tyre, with 36% saying they would be ‘very likely’ to do so, compared to 30% of female EV drivers.

When asked about factors that would motivate them to choose a certain type of replacement tyre, 41% of EV drivers cite ‘high traction and grip in all weathers’, while 36% would favour a product ‘recommended by the car manufacturer’.

When choosing tyres in the future, 60% of EV owners say they would be prepared to pay more for those products specifically developed for use on an EV.

“As Europe continues its shift towards electrified transport, consumers are becoming better aware of products that can offer significant benefits for their EVs,” said Yves Pouliquen, Group Head of Sales and Marketing at Apollo Tyres. “This has been confirmed by early demand for the Quatrac Pro EV, as well as by these survey findings, and we will continue to invest in EV-specific innovations as the sector grows.”

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