New packaging for Denso Conventional wiper blades

New packaging has been designed for the Denso Conventional wiper blades range, which shares the same objectives of providing more accessible product information and an instantly recognisable and visually attractive design

In addition to the greater visual impact of the design for the Denso Conventional wiper blades, the size of the product name has increased, and an image of the blade added, and to help customers during their decision making, the new packaging clearly highlights the advantages the premium quality blades provide, as well as many of the product innovations than the company has developed. 

For greater convenience, the Denso Conventional wiper blades packaging also features a measure to help make sure the correct length blade is selected.

The packaging also carries fitting instructions to ensure they are fitted correctly as well as a QR Code that not only lists all the applications the blades fit, but provides access to further installation instructions, as well as the Denso electronic catalogue.

Denso Conventional Wiper Blades for all

Backing up these benefits on the Denso Conventional wiper blades packaging are other practical additions, such as clearer details and an illustration explaining the advantages of the graphite coating and recycling information, as well as the inclusion of the Greek, Polish, Romanian and Serbian languages to the on-package communication, which alongside the fitting instructions, hook type and length means the information required is clear and easy to understand by the professional installer in a workshop or a regular motorist looking for the best replacement wiper blade for their vehicle.

As an original equipment (OE) supplier of wiper blades to vehicle manufacturers globally, Denso is also committed to the independent service and repair sector, so its aftermarket range is produced on the same production lines to the same standards, which means its replacement blades are of equal quality to its OE blades and therefore provide independents with the best in wiper blade solutions.

Further details of the DENSO Aftermarket programme are available online at:

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