New pipe and hose disconnect tool from Laser Tools

Modern automotive pipe and hose fitting are designed to be quick to fit or remove but what if you cannot actually get to them? 

The new Scarab quick-connector disconnect tool from Laser Tools (part number 8473), is a pipe and hose disconnect tool that is compact, easy-to-use and both the spring-loaded scarab jaws and the handle swivel to let you gain access in the tightest of engine bays.

It is designed for two-button-style quick connectors used on fuel, oil, AdBlue® and cooling systems. The handle has a sand-dipped textured finish for improved grip, and swivels through 180°. Together with the 80° movement of the scarab jaws this enables easy one-handed operation and locates positively onto the connector. The pipe and hose disconnect tool is compatible with the Connect Workshop Consumables range of fuel-line quick connectors.

The Scarab quick-connector disconnect tool is useful addition to the toolbox and available now from your Laser Tools stockist.

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