New portable EV charger from WAI

WAI has unveiled the Recharge 3000, a portable EV charger, providing professional services with an electric vehicle range extension of 10 miles.

Sitting above its Recharge 2000 model in the range, the Recharge 3000 portable EV charger offers a three-kilowatt (kW) power bank perfect for vehicle recovery and hire businesses and automotive electricians.

The extra mileage provided by WAI’s Recharge range of power banks help eliminate range anxiety with the additional top-up range designed to get drivers to their nearest recharging station for a full recharge, should the worst happen.

Ideal portable EV charger for professionals

The robust build of Recharge 3000 means it is ideal for heavy use by professionals needing to recover EVs, and features two AC outputs, plus one 24V DC and one 48V DC output. 

The high-quality lithium polymer battery pack in the portable EV charger has a capacity of 51.8V and 60Ah, meaning the unit is up to the challenge of storing enough charge to top-up an electric vehicle’s battery, to get drivers and passengers home or comfortably to the nearest charging station.

“Our range of Recharge power banks has grown with a three-kilowatt model for professionals,” said Richard Welland, president at WAI Europe. “Alongside the two-kilowatt power bank for motorists and leisure users, WAI now offers a suite of products for all EV applications, mitigating range anxiety by providing solutions to get EVs home or to the next available charging point.”

For more information, visit the WAI website

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