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Optician council develops prescription windscreens

The UK Optician Society (UKOS) is to move into the UK automotive aftermarket, announcing the development of prescription windscreens for drivers who need to wear glasses behind the wheel.

The opticians conducted research amongst its customers and found that those who only need eyewear for distance did not like wearing it just for driving, causing a risk for other motorists. Keen to take a stand on safety, the body engaged the help of the Automotive Product Research Institute of London to develop a solution that would make these motorists happy while improving their vision of the road ahead.

Their solution is the Fully Optical OverLay, which is applied to a windscreen prior to fitting to a vehicle. Drivers will need a full new front glass panel which can be fitted by any window fitter in the country. UKOS is looking for garage partners, as customers will visit one of the body’s accredited stores to order the glass, which will be dispatched to a garage for fitting on appointment.

Spokesperson C O’Medy said: “Many people don’t like touching their eyes and glasses can be uncomfortable for part-time wearers. The ability to just jump in a car and drive is a freedom everyone deserves and we are happy to be able to bring that to customers all around the UK. Full Optical OverLay is our gift to the automotive industry, bringing a unique partnership between opticians and garages.’

The product is launched today (1st April).