Podcast: Understanding the MOT

Earlier this year, the UK government announced the results of its consultation into the MOT frequency, with no change forthcoming. But are drivers understanding the MOT?

With recommendations being made on amending the test to incorporate new technologies and ensure modern vehicles remain safe on the roads, more recognition that the MOT is not just a diagnostic check is needed.

But what role do testers have in making sure customers are understanding the MOT? And what can the aftermarket industry to do help? Auto Repair Focus Editor Phil Curry spoke with IAAF Chief Executive Mark Field to find out more, in the second part of the Auto Repair Focus Podcast looking at the future of the MOT.

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Understanding the MOT

“In my 20 plus years in the trade, the consultation went probably as far as it has ever gone in terms of thinking that things may change,” commented Field.

The consultation included a lot of information, highlighting consumer thoughts and patterns when it comes to understanding the MOT. However, outside of the responses, Field suggested that the average driver may need to have a bit more appreciation for the annual test.

“Do they really understand why they are bringing their vehicle in, why it is important?” Field added. ‘That is probably a task or responsibility for government and us trade associations that we support it, like we do with right to repair or we block exemption. I think that MOT testers need to be supported in that approach because that way it will benefit everybody in terms of our upskilling, but also in terms of what we charge, and charge correctly for an MOT test.”

A number of drivers consider the MOT as the only safety check their car needs. Yet understanding the MOT is crucial, with consumers needing to be aware that the test is a visual inspection, and not the final say on vehicle safety. Instead, regular servicing should be adhered to, to keep cars roadworthy, and working.

“We have to appreciate that the garage is at the front end of this,” added Field. “They are delivering this message to a motorist, and we have got to support them on that. Garages are obviously having to deal with the brunt of some of this backlash that can come from this.”

You can hear more of what Mark Field has to say in the Auto Repair Focus Podcast, available on Apple PodcastsSpotifyGoogle Podcasts and Amazon Music. Click here to listen to part one of this episode…

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