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Schaeffler Live Q&A – March 5th

One of Schaeffler (UK)’s leading REPXPERTs will be holding a LIVE Q&A clutch session on its REPXPERT Facebook and Twitter social media channels on Monday 5th March, between midday and 2pm.

Alistair Mason will be available to answer technicians’ clutch questions. As the original equipment manufacturer of LuK clutch components and systems, Schaeffler would like to use this opportunity to offer guidance and advice on how to offer consistent repairs using LuK products, as well as being available to answer some of the technical questions it routinely receives.

REPXPERT, Alistair, said: “We are expecting many questions to be sent in through our Facebook and Twitter channels and are, therefore, urging technicians to submit theirs’ quickly, so they have the best chance of having their query answered live on both of our REPXPERT social media channels.”

To see the questions answered, or to gain some invaluable information from the ‘best in the business’ forclutch repairs, technicians can follow both the REPXPERT Facebook and Twitter pages here: SchaefflerREPXPERT UK or @REPXPERT_UK respectively.

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