Snap-on launches new YouTube channel

Snap-on has added its collection of diagnostic training videos to its new UK YouTube channel – giving technicians even more access to expert information and guidance.

Featuring in-depth platform training modules as well as the Diagnostic Quick Tips series, the videos can be accessed all day, every day, whenever a user needs them.

Encompassing the current ZEUS, TRITON-D8, VERUS Edge, MODIS Edge, SOLUS Edge and ETHOS Edge scan tools, plus the VERUS PRO, MODIS Ultra, SOLUS Ultra, ETHOS Tech and VANTAGE Ultra systems, the platform training modules cover topics including Intelligent Diagnostics, SureTrack™, setup and navigation including Wi-Fi connectivity on applicable tools, functional tests and much more. 

Each platform has its own individual playlist which allows the videos to be followed in sequence and at the technician’s own comfort level.

There are no restrictions on how often each video can be viewed.

The Diagnostic Quick Tips clips are based on real case studies and show how to apply diagnostics to specific vehicles and applications through demonstrations of using scan tools to solve common problems.

They cover subjects such as vehicle communication issues, recalibrating repaired or replaced components, electrical testing, and much more.

The videos are created to not only show technicians how to use Snap-on scan tools but also to demonstrate how they can be employed to solve the problems they face every day in the workshop.

Technicians can view the channel here and subscribe to be alerted when new content is loaded. The videos can be streamed on desktop or laptop computers as well as the YouTube apps for mobile phones, tablets, smart TVs and streaming devices.

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