Suffolk and Blackburn college students praise OESAA Academy events

Students taking part in recent OESAA Academy Live training roadshows at Blackburn College and Suffolk New College have praised the hands-on approach of Original Equipment Suppliers Aftermarket Association (OESAA) members. 

OESAA Academy Live highlights the different career opportunities available in the automotive sector for both students and apprentices, as well as illustrate existing and new technologies, products, tools, technical best practices, and diagnostics.

Following events at Trafford College, Suffolk New College and HEAT (Hybrid Electric Automotive Training) Blackburn College, OESAA caught-up with three students to ask about the impact these events could have on their studies and future careers.

Benefits at Blackburn College 

Jawad, from HEAT Blackburn College, highlighted VARTA’s battery presentation, in particular: “It was very helpful because while we talk about batteries in class, VARTA opened our eyes and widened our knowledge about the different battery types, like AGM or EFB.”

On whether he wants to forge a long-term career in the sector, Jawad added: “I believe the motor industry is looked down upon; I think a lot of people think the automotive sector is just about oil changes and manual labour, but we have learned that there is so much skill and knowledge required. How to fix a timing belt, for example, requires ability.

“I think I could make a lucrative career from the automotive sector too, if I have the knowledge.”

Kadeer, also from HEAT Blackburn College, highlighted the broad scope of his learning experience: “As an industry professional, I believe in specialising in one brand – rather than focusing on every brand – because systems work in different ways. The same goes for powertrains.”

Broadening horizons in Suffolk 

At Suffolk New College, Malachi, a T-level engineering student, highlighted how OESAA’s experts helped expand his understanding of the automotive sector: “I really enjoyed hearing about all the different aspects of engineering. It’s more than just the mechanical side; it’s about diagnostics and the future of automotive technology, like hydrogen vehicles and electric cars.”

The exposure to various pathways within the automotive industry was particularly interesting to Malachi: “I was never aware of the diverse roles within the automotive sector until OESAA Academy Live. Bosch and Brembo opened my eyes to potential careers I had not considered before.”

OESAA hopes to inspire more apprentices and students during its next two events, scheduled to take place in October. Details will be shared in due course.

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