The UK leads the way!

In July last year, well in advance of the company’s other data suppliers, UK-based Comline Group blazed the trail with the latest TecDoc version 3.0 system upgrade, by implementing it into its TecAlliance derived, electronic parts catalogue.

Widely considered to be one of the world’s leading replacement parts catalogues, TecDoc now includes almost 130,000 vehicle models and data for 7.5million articles from more than 770 replacement parts brands, giving it an unrivalled position as the key provider of quality, high-grade replacementparts information for the independent automotive aftermarket.

As one of TecDoc’s official Certified Data Suppliers, Comline further deepened its relationship with TecAlliance, the organisation behind the brand, by using the company’s personalised catalogue service in conjunction with version 3.0 of the TecDoc catalogue in order to develop and deliver its internalparts catalogue.

It is now used for all sectors of the business from the sales team, for finding the correct parts using the VRM facility or for cross-referencing, to the data preparation team, for analysis and to view the data in order to determine its quality and if it can be improved. These benefits allow the Comline team to quickly and accurately interrogate its full parts offering to identify each individual component across all of its product groups, which include filters, braking, wheel bearings and wipers.

The TecAlliance team individually customised the TecDoc Catalogue into Comline’s corporate design, and the comprehensive parts data focused to display only Comline products and products that are important for the UK market. The site is also mobile responsive, so it can be accessed on multiple devices, providing they hold the supported browser.

“Version 3.0 of the TecDoc Catalogue is designed to be more user-friendly and intuitive than ever, enabling faster and more precise searches,” explains TecDoc’s Key Account Manager Jason Meade, “and being an early adopter has allowed Comline to benefit from these features and improve internal efficiencies.

“The Comline online catalogue 3.0 also features a slider image on the home screen that allows the company to display products, event reminders etc. , which means that products that should be sold with a fitting kit, for example, can be flagged to ensure the additional items are offered. This creates greater product awareness and opens up additional opportunities for the sales team, which in turn, helps to grow the overall business.

“As the rollout gathers momentum across Europe, many other suppliers will also be updating their personalised catalogues, but Comline’s first to market approach made it the pioneer and very much endorses the company’s obvious go-ahead philosophy.”

Miten Parikh – Comline Group’s general manager – commercial said: “Today, no matter what the industry, data is changing the world and the aftermarket is no exception, which is why data is now one of the four company pillars for our future growth. 

“As a forward-thinking company, Comline,, is always investing and developing to attain our best in class objectives. Data is one of our core strengths and it is maintained by a highly-qualified team of dedicated professionals, who have enabled us to achieve TecDoc grade A status for 45 consecutive quarters (11 years).

“We are pleased therefore to have been the trailblazers in the development of the customised TecDoc version 3.0 solution, an undertaking that supports two – people and data – of our previously mentioned, four pillars.”

For more information about TecAlliance, please contact Jason Meade on: 01268 572009 or email:

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