Large number of young drivers welcome communication from garages

Communication from garages between services would be welcomed by 78% of young drivers, a new survey has found. 

Those aged between 18-24 would welcome a message or contact from a workshop to check if deffered work needs to be carried out, data from Marketing Delivery has shown. Across all age groups, the proportion that want follow-ups is 45%.

The automotive digital marketing firm is highlighting the benefit of comprehensive follow-up processes between customers’ service visits to maximise aftersales revenues. The survey shows the need for constant communication between garages and customers, which could lead to increased footfall.

As the cost-of-living crisis continues, many consumers, especially young drivers, are looking to defer servicing or repair work. However, if they are reminded to have issues rectified, these drivers can budget, and then book in the work when affordable. Garages also have the opportunity to state how putting essential maintenance off for a longer period of time could end up costing more. Services such as oil changes, for example, could lead to catastrophic failures which will cost thousands to put right. 

Emails easier for young drivers to engage with

Data from Marketing Delivery’s dealer clients found that customer-specific service follow-up emails sent using its marketing automation platform, VoiceBox, had an average open rate of 79% and a click-through rate of 16%, something the company pointed out is a high conversion for the motor retail sector. It is likely that young drivers are more likely to respond to email than a phone call.

Advanced automation tools are making service follow-ups a hassle-free process for aftersales departments, explained Jeremy Evans, Chief Executive at Marketing Delivery. “Dealers’ contact methodologies vary significantly, ranging from labour-intensive manual processes to automated tools. We’re seeing a substantial increase in demand for data-driven digital automation because it is so much more efficient and cost-effective. 

“VoiceBox links with the DMS and can send automated reminders at the most appropriate time to alert customers to any outstanding red or amber work, and any click-through actions are fed back for the dealer staff to follow-up. This new consumer research echoes the strong response rates we’re already seeing.”

Marketing Delivery provides automotive-specific software that supports over 450 of the country’s leading car, bike and van dealer sites with automated marketing solutions that reach the right customer at the right time via SMS, email and social channels. 

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