BookMyGarage launches Tier Programme for garages

BookMyGarage has launched its new Tier Programme, which both acknowledges existing levels of garage excellence and rewards garages that deserve to be promoted. 

The new platform comes after the successful launch of the BookMyGarage Accelerate programme. 

Open to ambitious garages that embrace Accelerate, the BookMyGarage Tier Programme will help drivers seeking a garage they can trust, to quickly see which of them in their local area provides the highest levels of service quality and the best customer experience.

“The reaction to the introduction of Accelerate has been excellent and its take-up has exceeded even our high expectations,” enthused BookMyGarage Chief Marketing Officer, Jessica Potts. 

“The development of the Tier Programme was always part of the overall plan for what we see as a concerted initiative that takes the customer search for a local garage, to a whole new level – and indeed something that many garages have also been asking for.”   

Tier programme offers recognition

The BookMyGarage Tier Programme has three levels of recognition for eligible Accelerate garages: Silver, Gold and Top Tier. The levels each come with a package of benefits for those who achieve them. 

These include physical and digital badges that can be showcased both at the garage and online, enhanced visibility in the listings and, for those who reach the Top Tier, exclusivity as the only-such garage in their area, and even have a seat on the BookMyGarage council, which is designed to shape the future of the industry.

BookMyGarage Tier Programme

Garages who participate in Accelerate, to which the Tier Programme is directly linked, receive their own unique and dedicated proactive marketing programme, which includes own-brand advertising on search engines, dedicated Facebook campaigns and a boosted position in BookMyGarage listings. 

It is designed to not only maximise profit growth, but also to fill last minute cancelled slots should they arise. It includes also includes the industry leading booking tool which integrates with garage management diary systems and garages’ own websites. 

Taking control

Instead of requests for quotes, garages receive actual bookings and they remain in total control of their pricing and booking lead times and ongoing relationships stay between the garage and the customer. In addition, to further help garages retain their valuable customers, BookMyGarage does not charge for subsequent bookings made directly with the garage.

Only the very best garages can join the Tier programme. This is assessed in terms of customer service levels, review score, business achieved, driver demand for the garage, cancellation rates and value. Reviews will be constantly monitored to ensure that not only are the tier partner service level agreements adhered to, but also that the quality of work carried out in the garage is exemplary.

“We know that BookMyGarage customers are looking for quality and service, and to build a long-term relationship with a garage that they can trust for years to come,” continued Potts. “Our business model is designed to promote these relationships and we believe, endorsed by the feedback we receive, that we are leading the market with this proactive approach to growth and profitability.” 

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