Castrol product finder to drive customers to workshops

Lubricant specialist Castrol has launched a new online product finder, helping consumers find the correct oil for their vehicle, and their nearest workshop that have the products in stock.

The Castrol product finder provides all the necessary information a customer would need. A ‘quick search’ feature allows the user to identify suitable Castrol products by simply entering the registration number, or by searching by brand and model. 

Users can also search quickly and easily by the Castrol product name before confirming vehicle compatibility. Products include those suitable for today’s growing number of electrified vehicles. 

Castrol product finder to help increase footfall

Alongside the regular list of lubricants needed, the new Castrol product finder also allows drivers to find a list of all Castrol-branded workshops and distributors where the selected products are currently in stock and available. 

Google Maps is integrated into the tool to offer a map view and route directions for suitable locations. The ‘where to buy’ tool also provides direct links to online retailers that stock the desired products.

The new Castrol product finder can also be used by technicians prior to carrying out regular service, maintenance and repair work so that they always use the most appropriate Castrol fluids.

“These lubricants and fluids are carefully formulated and confirming their compatibility with a specific vehicle is the best way to unlock their capabilities,” commented Shailendra Gupte, Marketing Director EMEA at Castrol.“Many consumers are unsure of the most appropriate lubricant and fluids to purchase for their vehicle, and are unsure of where to find definitive guidance. 

“In developing the new tool, our focus has been on helping consumers make informed choices while also driving footfall for workshops and retailers, streamlining the transition from online to offline and making the whole purchase process simpler and more effective.”

Running a vehicle with the incorrect engine oil could potentially have serious consequences: modern engines are made to increasingly tight tolerances, and an unsuitable lubricant could reduce the activity of catalysts, cause blockages in filters, and may result in oil not reaching key components leading to potential engine damage. 

Alongside the Castrol product finder, the company has recently launched a new, free-of-charge technical support service, allowing workshops and consumers in the UK to interact with a dedicated team of technical specialists trained to provide tailored advice and resolve technical queries. The technical agents are available eight hours a day, five days per week at no cost by emailing, or by calling 01932 775644.

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