Launch CAT-601S remote transmission cleaner

Diagnostics and automotive equipment supplier Launch Tech has revealed its new automatic transmission cleaner, CAT-601S, helping workshops effectively and profitably maintain vehicle automatic transmission systems.

The Launch CAT-601S is the latest automatic transmission cleaner from the aftermarket specialist and features remote technician control, automatic transmission fluid (ATF) sampling, and an optional Automatic Transmission Flush (ATF) database to help technicians identify the right connector and fluid for the vehicle.

Flushing cycles are key to maximising lifespan of automatic transmission. Prior to exchanging the old fluid, CAT-601S performs an automatic flush cycle, purging all accumulations and deposits from the entire transmission, and refills with new ATF throughout the transmission and associated torque converter and oil cooler lines.

Multi-vehicle options on Launch CAT-601S

The Launch CAT-601S is delivered with a comprehensive range of vehicle specific connectors, providing customers with a set of adaptors fitting various modern vehicle gearboxes.

Launch CAT-601S

CAT-601S’ various service functions include old oil sampling, which extracts a sample of oil from the gearbox for testing before commencing the oil exchange process. The system can also automatically start cycle cleaning on engine ignition once detergent is added.

With Launch’s new transmission cleaner’s exchange function, the new unit will add new oil into the gearbox and automatically drain the old oil to the oil tank. The Launch CAT-601S can support filling or draining fixed transmission oil, and empty new or recovered oil tanks.

Launch’s new CAT-601S features a new robust and industrial design, including a lockable front wheel, bright and intuitive control panel, and large hose reel, providing versatility for all garage and workshop settings. CAT-601S is delivered with a two-year warranty, activated by registering the product online.

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