Mobile technicians to benefit as ClickMechanic partners with BookMyGarage

Online mechanic marketplace ClickMechanic is partnering with service comparison website BookMyGarage, giving drivers more options when it comes to booking mobile technicians.

ClickMechanic has spent a decade building and curating a comprehensive network of mobile technicians across the UK. BookMyGarage, meanwhile, has already reached around 11.5 million motorists in the country, helping them to compare on servicing, MOT and repair work.

Comparison websites have become more popular in today’s culture, offering consumers a quick and easy way to find prices for services they would otherwise have to research thoroughly. This also allows garages to put their services online, and advertise their best prices while bringing in new customers. 

Convenience of mobile technicians

The new partnership especially makes life easier for car owners as they can compare different services and prices online, without having to visit multiple garages or mobile technicians. Furthermore, the mobile technicians network provided by ClickMechanic means that customers can get their car serviced or repaired in their own driveway, without having to spend time travelling to a garage or waiting in a queue.

“We have admired the work of BookMyGarage for a long time and we are delighted we are able to join forces with them,” commented Andrew Jervis, CEO of ClickMechanic.

“This partnership will allow us to reinforce our efforts to deliver an excellent car care experience saving customers time, money, and stress.”

Douglas Rotberg, CEO of BookMyGarage, added: “With the rising demand for online car services and mechanics, our collaboration with ClickMechanic amplifies our offerings, allowing us to leverage our combined expertise to serve our UK customers even better within the convenience of the one-stop shop of BookMyGarage for all motoring needs.”

In 2022, a BookMyGarage study found that 68% of motorist would think about turning to mobile technicians, with a third of the platform’s customers having turned to one in the past. 

The study found that convenience was the number one reason for using mobile mechanics, with 70% of drivers who have used one previously stating this as the reason for doing so. One-in-four also said it was more cost effective. 

Meanwhile, last year, ClickMechanic revealed the findings of a Freedom of Information request showing a large number of vehicles on UK roads with more than 750,000 miles on the clock, highlighting the importance of continued servicing to keep road users safe. 

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