New additions bolster Texaco Havoline ProDS range

Texaco Lubricants has added three new products to its Texaco Havoline ProDS range as the brand continues to strengthen its line-up.

The new additions include Texaco Havoline ProDS P SAE 0W-20, Texaco Havoline ProDS F SAE 0W-20, and Texaco Havoline ProDS FV SAE 0W-20.

These new lubricants offer a variety of benefits, including improved fuel efficiency and increased vehicle uptime. The new additions broaden the range’s coverage across a number of OEM engines, helping to ensure greater choice for drivers in the maintenance and protection of their engines. In keeping with the development of vehicle technology, all three engine oils are suitable for use in hybrid vehicles.

Maximising uptime

Texaco Havoline ProDS P SAE 0W-20 is a premium performance synthetic engine oil specifically formulated with advanced technology additives for use in vehicles with PSA B71-2010 engine lubrication requirements.

The oil is suitable for use in gasoline and diesel passenger cars, as well as light duty diesel vans. Using mid Sulphated Ash, Phosphorous and Sulphur (SAPS) technology, it is compatible with diesel particulate filters (DPF), gasoline particulate filters (GPF) and three-way catalysts (TWC).

Designed to maximise vehicle uptime during extended drain intervals through advanced engine and emission system protection, Havoline ProDS P has been formulated for low temperature fluidity and rapid engine oil circulation during cold starts, helping to promote engine protection and fuel efficiency. In addition, its advanced cleaning additives help minimise deposit and sludge build-up, offering extended engine life and fuel economy.

The product’s combination of synthetic base oils and additives offers reduced engine oil volatility, oil consumption, and oxidation, with improved thermal stability. Furthermore, it aids low speed pre-ignition (LSPI) protection, helping prevent super knock and severe damage in PSA engines.

The product is applicable in petrol and diesel passenger cars, in hybrid vehicles, and in light diesel vans from Euro 6 onwards, with or without a turbocharger and with or without DPFs and GPFs fueled with European fuels. As well as being suitable for Euro 6 vehicles requiring PSA B71-2010 engine oils, the oil also applies to recent Peugeot and Citroen engines (DV5R and EB2DT), particularly those equipped with Blue HDi, PureTech using stop & start technologies, and hybrid engines.

Performance with Havoline ProDS 

Another premium performance synthetic engine oil, Texaco Havoline ProDS F 0W-20 has been designed to fit the requirements of Ford 1.5L EcoBlue engines and for vehicles requiring Ford WSS-M2C952-A1.

Formulated with synthetic base oils and advanced additives, the product helps to improve durability, wear protection, low temperature performance, and fuel efficiency, as well as working to reduce emissions. Suitable for use in gasoline and diesel passenger cars, light duty commercial diesel engines and hybrid vehicles, the mid SAPS oil is also compatible with DPFs and TWCs.

The oil’s advanced cleaning additives have been designed to minimise deposit and sludge build-up, helping to extend engine life while maintaining fuel economy. In addition, its mid SAPS technology aims to minimise exhaust emissions by protecting catalysts and diesel particulate filter systems, and its low temperature fluidity, aids rapid lubricant circulation during cold engine starts, contributing to increased engine protection.

Minimising deposit formation and wear to aid the extension of engine life, Havoline ProDS F uses synthetic base oils in combination with advanced cleaning additives. Formulated with LSPI protection, the oil helps prevent engine super knock caused by Low-Speed Pre-Ignition (LSPI), while in hybrid engines, its advanced additive technology helps control the impact of fuel and water dilution.

The product is applicable for gasoline and diesel passenger cars, hybrid vehicles, and light diesel vans from Euro 6 onwards, with or without a turbocharger and with or without DPFs fueled with European fuels.

Hybrid options for Volvo

The Texaco Havoline ProDS FV SAE 0W-20 engine oil has been specifically formulated for Volvo passenger cars with Volvo Engine Architecture (VEA) Drive-E powertrains.

A premium mid SAPS oil, the product has been formulated with quality synthetic base oils in combination with an advanced additive system to help deliver long-life engine wear resistance, cold temperature protection, reduced exhaust emissions, and improved fuel efficiency performance.

The engine oil works to reduce engine friction, and provide improved fuel economy without compromising on engine reliability and durability. Its low temperature fluidity aids rapid lubricant circulation during cold engine starts, contributing to increased engine protection, while its advanced cleaning additives minimise deposit formation and wear, helping to extend engine life.

Texaco Havoline ProDS FV is suitable for a wide range of gasoline, diesel, and hybrid passenger cars or light diesel vans, with or without a turbocharger.

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