New Eurorepar Engine Lubricants available

In order to meet the requirements of new vehicles, Eurorepar is expanding its Eurorepar engine lubricants range for engines (diesel, petrol and hybrid) and gearboxes in cars and light commercial vehicles.

Seven new products will be added to the Eurorepar engine lubricants range, bringing the number of products in the range to 18 and covering 95% of the vehicle fleet in Europe. 

Included among these new Eurorepar engine lubricants products, the 5W20 oil is designed for Ford EcoBoost petrol engines, as well as the 0W20 oil which strengthens parts against wear and tear and provides resistance to deposit build-up with maximum performance at both hot and cold temperatures. With its low viscosity, the 0W20 oil helps to reduce CO2 emissions by ensuring the anti-pollution system operates correctly.

Eurorepar engine lubricants available for OEMs

The 0W20 oil has a complex design, and comes in a wide range of products, each dedicated to different specific applications in the vehicle. As a result, Eurorepar has decided to include six approved products in its range, each complying with specific specifications from manufacturers such as: Peugeot, Citroën, DS, Opel, Volvo, Toyota, Renault as well as VAG and Mercedes.

An oil product for automatic gearboxes (6-8 gears) which complies with the ATF standard has also been added to the range.

The Eurorepar engine lubricants is one of the widest in the market. It is available from Distrigo hubs and affordable for all repair agents.

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